Lessons generally follow public school calendar with exceptions for audition or show prep. 

In person home piano lessons $45  45min

Online Piano Lessons $32  30min

Group in-person Piano Lessons: $20-25per person.  

Group lessons min4/max8 on electronic keyboards. These lessons run 45-60 minutes to enable individual attention, and ensemble play.  

After-School enrichment programs available. 

We use keyboards with headphones for part of the lesson. This alleviates shyness.   (Students must bring their own headphones for sanitary purposes.)

Students are usually grouped by age and ability, though siblings or bff's can take the class together. Min4/Max8 ppl.   Cost $20-25 per person-per lesson. Schools might bill monthly or setup 6 week sessions. Contact Sarah for further details.

Difference in 20-25 for group classes depends upon the venue and whether the program charges us extra for the space or administration fee.   If there are kids who bring their own keyboards, we can put more than 8 in a class but no more than 12 





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Hancock, NH

New Hampshire

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