Private Piano Lessons in Norwood, MA 02062, or near Hancock, NH 03449 $30, 30 minutes

Group Piano Lessons $16pp, are taught at Community Centers, Libraries and Senior Centers. Classes are 45-60 minutes on electric keyboards with headphones. Students can be grouped by age or ability. We also use Ipads for music games and note recognition. Min4/Max10  Cost (i.e.) $16 per person-per lesson, or may be partially covered by a NEFA or Creative Ground grant with match between funder and students or the organization. Contact Sarah for further details.  

Instruction with support and encouragement brings out the best learning. Because of the way music activates the brain, it helps people with immediate challenges, and also in building their future beyond what they might think is possible. Students tackle challenges in ways that are engaging, meaningful, and adaptable. Plus it's fun! My students say they "play music" rather than logging how many hours they practice. When they love to play, they do it all the time.  Just as martial arts develop gross motor skills and the mind-body connection, music instruction helps develop coordination with sound, proprioception, and fine motor skills.









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