In Norwood, MA $30, 30 minutes

Tuesday  3pm, 5pm

Wednesday 3pm

Thursday 3pm

*Evening lessons available for teens and up. Wednesday mornings for home schoolers, pre-k's.  (Under 6yo often do 15m lessons@$15)  Contact me

Instruction with support and encouragement brings out the best in children. Because of the way music activates the brain, it helps kids with immediate challenges and in building their future beyond what they think is possible. My students tackle challenges in ways that are engaging, meaningful, and adaptable. Plus it's fun! My students tend to say they "play music" rather than talk about how many hours they practice. When they love to play, they do it all the time.  Just as martial arts develop gross motor skills and the mind-body connection, music instruction helps develop coordination with sound, proprioception, and fine motor skills.










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